Happy to be in Business for Over 30 Years!

Thank you to our clients and their families as well as our professional partners for supporting our rewarding work.

Welcome to Waverly Connect, formerly GrayCare by Waverly Heights! Since 1993, we have been helping families who are struggling with tough situations and decisions as they help and care for their aging loved ones.

As you face challenges and try to understand the services available to your aging loved one, we are your partner in providing resources and ongoing support to make more informed decisions.

Contact us to learn more about our care management services. 

Waverly Connect’s Care Managers believe that you should have less stress when it comes to making care decisions for your loved one, whether they are struggling with health issues, mobility issues, or other complexities of aging.

You want the best care for your loved ones and want to help maintain their individuality and independence. We want the same thing!

One of the biggest struggles families face is understanding the options available for care and what community resources are available. Our staff members know the options for aging and geriatric care.

When you work with an Aging Life Care Manager®, you know that they are focused on helping your family’s strengths shine through by clearing the path through the minutia of care decisions. It seems like there are so many small decisions that come together to make the big decisions that the day-to-day can be overwhelming. We want to clear that clutter for you. While each situation and family is unique, our experience cuts through the decisions with you so that they do not fill your days.

The best part is that our support is ongoing. Even if we help you solve an immediate crisis, you will know the experts who can help you through future needs. Situations often require ongoing decision-making, and our care managers are ready to step up to help with crisis situations or ongoing needs. When you work with us, you know that you have someone to count on who works in the best interests of your aging loved one.

Reach out today to see how we can help your family.

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Waverly Connect provides professional geriatric care management services for elderly and aging persons, and their families, throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties, in Pennsylvania. If you are outside of these areas, we are also able to provide recommendations to other professionals who serve your area. To reach us, please call 610-667-2838.

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