Placement Assistance from Waverly Connect

In some situations, families may need assistance finding the right community to meet their loved one’s care needs. Waverly Connect can help with placement assistance for your loved one. The placement assistance process begins with an assessment of the current living situation. This review will help the care manager determine the following:

  • The strengths of the client,
  • Challenges the client will face,
  • The support available from family, friends, and community; and,
  • Limitations involved, such as medical conditions, emotional concerns, or cognitive functioning issues.

Waverly Connect’s initial focus is reviewing how to keep your loved one at home and as independent as possible; however, there are times when an alternative living environment needs to be selected. We recognize this is a very hard decision to make and are sensitive during this process.

Working Toward the Best Interests of Your Loved One

Because we work on the client’s behalf and are looking out for the client’s best interests, we do not accept any referral fees from living communities that we recommend. There is a practice with some elder care providers who will accept money from a community as a gift for recommending their place. If the community offers a referral fee, we will decline the fee and ask if the fee may be used to help reduce the client’s financial outlay. This standard of how we practice indicates that we are going to help you find the best location for your loved one.

We will look for safe and affordable locations for your loved one and will constantly keep our focus on maintaining as much independence as possible for them. We will treat your loved one as we would like to be treated.

Contact us to see how we can help your loved one.

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Waverly Connect provides professional geriatric care management services for elderly and aging persons, and their families, throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties, in Pennsylvania. If you are outside of these areas, we are also able to provide recommendations to other professionals who serve your area. To reach us, please call 610-667-2838.

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