We are proud to announce that GrayCare, acquired by Waverly Heights on July 1, 2023, recently unveiled new branding and a new name – Waverly Connect.

At Waverly Connect, we provide personalized care management services, family consultations, placement assistance, resources, and support to individuals and families who are navigating changing needs.

Our mission is to “provide peace of mind and quality of life to those impacted by age, illness, or disability.” 

Operating under the leadership of Executive Director Nicole Stroman, with oversight by Meredith Feher, Senior Vice President of Health Care Services at Waverly Heights, Waverly Connect provides a comprehensive approach with a focus on customized solutions.

Aligning With the Waverly Family of Companies

In addition to the name change, the rebranding effort includes a refreshed logo, website, mission and vision statements, and updated visual identity. The changes represent a strategic move to modernize and align Waverly Connect with the Waverly family of companies.

“Waverly Connect is committed to broadening its services to meet the ever-increasing demand to assist people in our community,” states Tom Garvin, President and CEO of Waverly Heights. “Waverly Connect provides current and future clients with the confidence of knowing that their care needs will be met with respect, collaboration, and commitment.”

Learn More About Our Care Management Services

Waverly Connect offers a full-service experience for you and your loved one. We begin with a detailed assessment and follow through with a unique care plan to help you manage the next steps successfully. 

Additionally, we’re here for you in an ongoing professional monitoring role to ensure your loved one always has a skilled advocate with extensive senior care experience.