If you are the type of person who sets resolutions in the new year, then we’re about a month into the year and it’s healthy to check in on your resolutions or goals.

New Year’s resolutions provide us the opportunity to start on the path towards ways we can improve our life and outlook! Creating and following New Year’s Resolutions are hit and miss with many people as statistics show that only about 8% of people follow through on them. This can be particularly complicated for older adults. It’s important to take into consideration any limitations that would do more harm than good.

What about the elderly? How do they New Year’s Resolutions fit into their lives? Let’s find out.

“I try to make resolutions every new year,” stated one of my clients, Jill. “It keeps me on track and reminds me of all the things I want to accomplish. Last year my one resolution was to finally learn to use my new laptop, and I feel like I’ve been doing fantastic at that! It has helped me communicate with my family via Zoom and helps reduce my feelings of loneliness.”

She went on to tell me how this year, her resolution was to try new recipes that she had found online. “One thing I’m worried about is finding new ingredients in the grocery store. It can be difficult,” she continued. So together, her and I set up a plan to help her keep her resolutions. Every week, we discuss her recipe plans, and when she finds a new ingredient that she’s not sure about, I check to see where we can get the special ingredients. This week, she’s making a Middle Eastern Lamb Kofta.

When I asked if she had any advice for other older folks to keep up on their resolutions, she stated, “It’s important to keep your resolution in mind at all times. It helps get through the hard days, and lets you focus on what makes you happy. Sometimes doing something new is hard, but that’s not such a bad thing. Don’t be afraid!”

If you’re struggling with your goals, now’s the time to take a step back and reflect on your goals. Why did you make the resolution in the first place? Is there something you can do to make it more attainable for you? Regardless of what you’ve resolved to do, remember, the year is just getting started! It’s never too late to get started, and I’m here to help.

Care managers love to work with their clients to include activities that meet their goals and enrich their lives. Sometimes it feels like aging is just focused on medical and mental health care but an important factor in aging well and remaining as independent as possible is engaging in activities that are enjoyable. Let us know how we can help find great activities or plan goals that help the aging person in your life thrive.

If you or someone in your family are facing aging challenges, please give us a call at 610-667-2838 or email us at CareManagement@waverlyheights.org. We’ll be happy to assist!