When Linda first started taking care of her aging mother, she was determined to do it all on her own. She had seen the effects of caregiver burnout in friends and family members and vowed that it would never happen to her. She wanted to honor her mother because she loved her deeply and her mother took good care of her throughout her life.

However, as time passed, Linda realized that caring for someone with dementia was a full-time job. Even though she worked hard to stay organized and keep track of appointments, tasks often slipped through the cracks. She found herself getting overwhelmed by the stress and feeling like she could never catch up or give enough attention to what needed to be done.

Linda knew she needed help from an experienced care manager who could take some of the burden off her shoulders but didn’t know where to start looking for one. A friend suggested trying an online search engine specifically designed for finding reliable caregivers in Linda’s area, so she decided to give it a try. She found the Aging Life Care Association and our listing. When she called, I recognized the burden in her voice. She was holding everything down and she sounded tired.

We specialize in working with seniors suffering from health issues, dementia, and several other issues related to aging. With this new support system in place, Linda felt relieved knowing that her mom’s needs were being taken care of by someone else who understood them better than anyone else ever could have hoped too—and more importantly, how they helped both mother and daughter manage their stressful situations together while still being able to maintain a meaningful relationship between them both!

Care management helps families manage care and understands that the burden can be lightened so that adult children can just focus on their relationship with their loved one. If you or someone in your family are facing concerns about managing stress and caregiving, please give us a call at 610-667-2838 or email us at CareManagement@waverlyheights.org to find out how we can assist.