The weather was cooperating with snow on the way just in time for Christmas Day. A white Christmas really was something that Sharon and John looked forward to every year. The family was due to arrive in a couple of days, so Sharon was busy cooking and decorating. They loved hosting, decorating, and spending time with the family, especially the grandchildren who were growing so quickly.

The dinner menu would be simple this year. Honey baked ham, scalloped potatoes, and green beans. One of the kids was bringing rolls and drinks, the other was going to bring the pies. John and Sharon had raised two daughters. It really made for great conversations and trips down memory lane when the girls and their folks got together. Their grandchildren were growing and preparing for their future. They loved to gather and hear their parents tell stories and then laugh when Sharon and John’s shared their input about what really happened.

This year was going to be different. John and Sharon had downsized a few months ago. The house still hadn’t sold, which is okay because it took them a long time to process the contents and sort all their belongings. Their new apartment was in a retirement community not far from their home, it had two bedrooms, a den, and two bathrooms. It was very spacious. The grounds were perfectly landscaped, and walking paths wound through various gardens such as the rose garden and the fruit tree garden. The kitchen had plenty of room for Sharon to do her cooking and it overlooked the family room so she could keep up with the happening.

Sharon and John had been referred to us by a friend. They officially needed to make a change, due to John’s recent difficulty getting around. He needed to give up the maintenance of his home and the stairs became a safety issue. Their care manager was instrumental in putting this gigantic task in motion, guiding them and the family to their new normal.
New traditions were already in motion thanks to the closeness and understanding this family had for each other. The youngsters went sledding and built the snowmen. John was able to get a snowball or two thrown from the porch. His grandson had made up a few snowballs for him and strategically placed them so John could participate.

Thanks to their work with their care manager Sharon and John did not have to worry about how they were going to get through the holiday and the new year. They knew they needed the help; they knew they could not keep up with the home, including the expectations and holiday traditions. They were aging and needed a professional to guide them through the options available to them. Health was their number one concern, safety was second. Their care manager helped them find an estate sales group who helped go through their home and sell items that could be sold, donate items, held a couple of garage sales, and they also brought in a home organize to help organize the area as it was moving to the new apartment.

The help of a trusted care manager is what helped them get through the busy time. If you need help please give us a call at 610-667-2838 or email us at CareManagement@waverlyheights.org. We’ll be happy to assist.