“It was so wonderful to see my kids and grandkids at Christmas,” said Ginny, my 89-year-old client who lives at home by herself. “But it may be months before I hear from them again. I really wish we could get together more often because we always have fun when we do.”

After the holidays are over, the excitement of having visitors and a change of scenery often turns to loneliness and isolation for many seniors. Having something to look forward to is a boost for mental health, and this is especially true for seniors whose social connections have been limited because of the pandemic, illness, or other reasons.

“Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the senior center this month,” I suggested to Ginny, and we looked up the calendar. In January, the local senior center was holding several fun events: bagels on January 15 for National Bagel Day, a lunch and exhibit on January 17 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and chocolate cake on January 27 for National Chocolate Cake Day, several art classes, and a trip to a museum.

“Those look fun. I’d like to go to most of these events,” Ginny said. “I’ll see if Fred wants to go too.” Ginny‚Äôs retired neighbor, Fred, often gave her rides to her doctor appointments and the senior center.

“Maybe you could also plan a small get-together with your family,” I suggested. “I know everyone gets busy, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. And if they can’t meet you in person this month, maybe you can set up a Zoom call and stay in touch that way.”

Even small events and treats to look forward to can help seniors stay energized and motivated. As a care manager, I help families and aging adults find the services that meet their needs, including care facilities and senior living communities that are intentional about offering opportunities for socializing. Socializing helps seniors stay emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy.

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