May is Aging Life Care Month Aging Life Care Association ALCA

As part of celebrating the month of May as Aging Life Care Month, we would like help educate our visitors on what it is that Aging Life Care Professionals, also known as Geriatric Care Managers, do to help aging persons and their involved family members to plan for care and solve aging challenges.

When managing the care of an aging loved one, sometimes you may need more help than you’re able to do on your own. Whether you need help with managing finances, with navigating a difficult or recent diagnosis, or maybe you just need assistance with handling arrangements for day-to-day care, a geriatric care manager may be the right option for you and your family.

Geriatric care managers, or aging life care professionals, help identify customized solutions for caring for aging, sick, or disabled family members to help make the best decisions as you navigate through the aging process.

The care manager can help educate and provide resources to help with a variety of challenges. With a wide network of connections and experience dealing with complex issues, care managers become a lifeline for families.

Ways We Can Help:
– Housing decisions
– Financial advocacy
– Legal Planning with elder law attorneys
– Family dynamics
– Becoming an advocate for care recipient and family caregiver
– Coordinate support
– Assist in positive decision making
– Senior advocacy
– Crisis intervention
– Coordinating in-home and out-of-home services and appointments
– Providing stress relief
– Emotional support
– Attend medical appointments

Each person’s care needs are unique, and that’s why we perform a comprehensive assessment and develop a care plan to provide the best recommendations to allow for independence in a safe environment.

If you or someone in your family are facing aging challenges, please give us a call at 610-667-2838 or email us at CareManagement@waverlyheights.org. We’ll be happy to assist!